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(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

My page is based on the 8 dimensions of well-being that I use to structure my life in order to experience vibrant vitality, with inspiration from various frameworks like "MTP & Moonshots" by Peter Diamandis, the Japanese concept of Ikigai, and others.

This page was last updated on from my home in Rosenheim, Germany.

AI as your Co-Pilot: How to boost your productivity without being an asshole?

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Now: We are working with companies to define their AI purpose, vision and strategy as well as necessary changes to their organisation such as implementing the role of an AI coordinator, who is responsible for aligning the AI strategy with the unique strengths and needs of the team.

Can you become the CEO of your own health?

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Now: Lutz and I have just finished our first ebook together. It is called Become the CEO of your own health, because as the title suggests, you’re not just a passive recipient of health services; you’re the CEO. Like a skillful CEO, you’ll learn to assess, strategise, allocate resources, make informed decisions, and steer your health in the direction you envision.

At a time when human health is at the epicenter of global discourse, the importance of proactive wellness cannot be overstated. Becoming the CEO of Your Own Health is not just a book; it is a movement, an awakening.

Although this version provides a good baseline, I am thrilled to extend the ebook with additional digital resources like a collection of my personal longevity practises (working title: “Do What Dom Does”) as well as specific prompts anybody can apply to learn more about the sciences as well as application of these routines. I am currently forming a small group of likeminded individuals, where I test-drive this content before it will be integrated in the next version of the book.

Next: Recruiting a group of curious readers, who want to try this protocols and routines from the book to start becoming the CEO of their own health, too.

My most recent podcast appearances on the Flowgrade Show

My fellow biohacker and friend Max Gotzler, host of the Flowgrade show, was kind enough to host two conversions with me, where we went full geek on how exponential technologies like AI, blockchain and web3 will reshape our future. It was a pleasure to be your guest and thank you for structuring my thoughts into a meaningful conversation, Max.

Learn. Grow. Succeed - Athletics, Mindsets and Self-optimisation

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Now: Forming a initial training camp on AI and biohacking, an idea which formed after my talk at the FlowFest and manifested through co-creation with beautiful minds on the Sunday hike after the main event.

Harnessing the power of the human body and mind is my personal obsession, as a devoted semi-unprofessional biohacker and athlete. My journey is all about tapping into our innate vitality and using it as a launching pad for a life of wellness and balance.

Recently, I had the chance to soak up some fresh insights at FlowFest in Munich. It was a treasure trove of novel ideas and cutting-edge tools that I couldn't wait to test. From dabbling with functional mushrooms to enhance sleep quality to concocting a bespoke supplement for daily intake, I've been pushing the boundaries of my health optimization quest.

The best part - bonding with the tribe.

One of my more exciting ventures is the sleep experiment involving medicinal mushrooms, like reishi. These fungi have been hailed for their potential sleep-enhancing properties, and I'm keen to see their impact firsthand.

Then there's the AI-powered training program. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, together with Philipp we are exploring how personalised workout regimes can revolutionise our approach to fitness.

Lastly, I've been working on an AI-assisted meal plan. Tailoring nutrition to our individual needs is a game-changer, and I'm thrilled to be experimenting with this in my own life and that of a close-knit group of fellow health enthusiasts.

Each step of this journey takes me closer to decoding the mysteries of human vitality, and I can't wait to see where it leads next.

My weekly newsletter: Fuel For Your Future You - FYFY

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As the curator and guide to the world of exponential technologies, I write a weekly newsletter, FYFY, to provide my personal curation of insights on health, wealth, wisdom, and love. The goal is to assist subscribers in reaching their full potential, thinking differently, and approaching challenges in innovative ways. I invite subscribers to share their journeys, making the newsletter a collaborative platform.

You can join the newsletter here.

Launch Year of the German Node in the Black Lab Ecosystem

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Now: We are in the launch year of the “German Node” within the Black Lab Ecosystem, looking for a core group of likeminded individuals who want to be part of the launch experience and help us shape this endeavour and turn our thoughts into reality.

Also now: The Open Source Health Wallet Initiative

The Open Source Health Wallet Initiative is a project I am working on to redefine healthcare data management. The goal is to create a platform that amalgamates all health data, making it comprehensible and actionable for users while maintaining data privacy and control and use it all across the black lab ecosystem as a foundation layer for anything related to “Human Tech”.

Next: Participate / organise an AI hackathon to evolve on the first MVP concept (which we created during the idea camp at TH Rosenheim in June).

We’ve just got married on

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At times, a single image can speak volumes, more eloquently than a thousand words. On July 22nd, we said "yes" to each other, embarking on a new chapter in our shared journey. I penned the first draft of this 'now' page as a snapshot of my life before our union - a tangible memento to revisit in 10, 20, even 100 years from now. It's a record of my focus, my pursuits, and a reflection of how they've evolved over time. But words fall short when I attempt to express the joy and pride I feel, knowing that every step from here onwards, I get to share with you, my love. ♥️

If someone could only see my actions and not hear my words, what would they say are my priorities? - James Clear

Main-Category: Occupational (aka self-actualisation or “a man’s search for meaning”)

Now: My ongoing quest struggle for focus and clarity.

The wealth of opportunities before me is both exhilarating and daunting. As I navigate this sea of potential paths, the challenge lies in attaining clarity. Which initiative aligns most closely with my values and goals? Where can I make the most impactful contribution? These questions often whirl in my mind, a swirling blend of excitement, anticipation, and uncertainty. Striking a balance between these diverse ventures is a test of judgment, a dance between passion and pragmatism. It's a journey of introspection and decision-making, a voyage towards crystallising my purpose and choosing the path that will best allow me to make a meaningful difference.

Let me explain.

Tim Ferriss and James Clear had a fascinating dialogue on the Tim Ferriss Show, that dives into the complexities of managing success and the paradox of choice that it brings along. They discuss the irony of how as one's success grows, so does the difficulty in focusing. Initially, most are trying to generate or find attractive options, but as success arrives, it brings an abundance of options, making it challenging to choose and stay focused.

James Clear's question "If someone could only see my actions and not hear my words, what would they say are my priorities?" is a potent reminder of the disconnection that can sometimes occur between what we profess and how we act, emphasising the importance of aligning actions with proclaimed priorities.

This conversation resonates deeply with my current experience. Just as they described, the success I've enjoyed in my various ventures has led to an abundance of attractive opportunities, each more enticing than the last. This abundance, while a blessing, has introduced a challenging paradox of choice. How do I choose between these equally compelling paths? How do I maintain focus amidst a sea of possibilities?

Moreover, the idea of success breeding distractions rings true. With each new opportunity, there's a risk of straying from what originally brought me success. The challenge is to discern which opportunities align with my core purpose and will enhance my journey, rather than divert my focus and energy.

Yes, my MTP and Moonshot are my compass and my filter, but what if any of these projects are well aligned with both?

It's a complex dance of decision-making, one that demands constant self-reflection and clarity of purpose. Much like Ferriss and Clear highlight, it's crucial for me to continually ask myself what my actions are saying about my priorities, and whether these align with the path I want to carve for myself. It's a reminder that success doesn't simplify the journey; it introduces new complexities that I must learn to navigate.

Which is why I journal every day. Part of this journaling practise involves sharing a digital journal with two close friends, where I write down my MTP and moonshot every single days as well as share the most important task for today that brings me closer to my moonshot with them. I can highly recommend getting an accountability buddy, someone to share your progress but also someone, who doesn’t dare to ask you the hard and challenging questions, too.

Financial Well-being

I'm a sound money advocate. I believe in a financial system that's not easily manipulated and provides a stable store of value as well as the values and principles behind Objectivism.

Now: Our initial effort to get Future HROS Ventures, our venture fund, off the ground was not as successful as we had hoped. Consequently, in June 2023, we made the decision to sell the legal structure to Severin and his partner, both fully invested in running a venture firm.

Analyzing why our venture didn't take off as expected, I realized that my enthusiasm was most ignited when crafting the investment thesis, which revolved around the idea of how exponential technologies like AI, web3, and globally distributed teams will redefine the future of work. I was also passionate about connecting with startups and selecting the ones to invest in, leveraging the ExO methodology and our AI-assisted "founder's check" assessment.

However, I found it challenging to sell the fund's strategy to investors solely based on financial KPIs. The question, "Tell me why this is at least a 2x on my money" was one I found less engaging. I am already convinced that this transformative change is already in full swing, and any entity that fails to adapt will be left behind. The advent of chatGPT seemed to be a turning point, as it made people understand what I meant by this. However, I've come to understand that I need to improve on articulating these concepts in a more tangible way, especially for those who aren't deeply immersed in exponential tech.

Above all, the primary reason for our venture's shortcomings was a lack of focus. Our core team was spread thin. Alex, our investment manager, was juggling two other jobs. Maria and Lukas were preoccupied with their roles as founders and managing directors of Speedinvest Heroes. And, admittedly, I too had a full plate.

Future: The lesson here is the need for focus and alignment. Going forward, my priority is to structure my projects in a way that fosters focus and momentum. These include Empowery, Quest Vitality, and Black Lab Germany. I'm more determined than ever to create an environment that allows for concentrated effort and unified commitment to our shared goals.

Environmental Well-being

I believe we, as humans, are the planet. Our existence emerges from the "Big Bang" (Urknall in German), underscoring the belief that we are all one. I'm committed to environmental conservation and sustainability.

More About Me (under construction)

This section focuses on who I am and where I'm heading. It includes a deep dive into my core beliefs around health, wealth, wisdom, and love, reflecting my core values and experiences that have shaped me. This section also outlines my MTP & Moonshot, which is my north star.


Empower every human to discover and reach his full potential. Unleashing greatness. Uplifting humanity.


By 2029, empower 1.000 European entrepreneurs to take on their moonshots with vibrant vitality, impacting 1b lives.